How To Get The Best Vintage Engagement Ring

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Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are known for their sophistication, imaginative details, stunning stone arrangements, and delicate designs. They can be a perfect option to commemorate your love. A lot of brides go for vintage engagement ring designs for their uniqueness and elegance. You can get stunning vintage engagement rings from your local jewelers. Additionally, a large number of reputable online jewelers now offer a wide collection of both vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings.

Vintage Vs. Vintage-Inspired

Vintage items are adored for their elegance and timelessness along with the nostalgia they can create. They are often appreciated for their uniqueness. Vintage engagement rings are those that date back 50 years or older. Even though the terms vintage and antique are used for one another, they are not the same. Antique is used to represent things that are more than 100 years old, while vintage is usually used for jewelry that is 50-100 years old. The period in which they are produced makes the difference.

Vintage engagement rings are original rings that have been in use before 50 or more years, whereas, vintage-inspired or vintage-style rings are those that are created newly to capture the essence of vintage ring designs. These are not originally vintage, but are created using the design elements of ancient pieces of jewelry.

Hence, be aware of the difference between vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry when getting your engagement ring. Online diamond jewelry stores usually offer a range of both vintage as well as vintage-style engagement rings.

Best Diamond Shapes For Vintage Ring

There are certain diamond shapes that can be especially suitable for vintage jewelry. Some of them include:

Oval-Cut: The oval diamond creates a stunning choice for engagement rings with its elongated shape. It also offers good brilliance along with making your ring look bigger. Oval diamonds can also be a versatile choice for engagement rings.

Cushion-Cut: Another stunning option that can offer a vintage look to your ring is cushion-cut diamonds. With their square shape and rounded corners, cushion diamonds create a popular choice among antique and vintage lovers.

Emerald-Cut: This beautiful diamond cut can be especially suitable for brides looking for Art-Deco glamor. They have a rectangular silhouette with cut corners and are known for the special “Hall of mirrors” effect. But they lack the sparkle and brilliance of other diamond shapes. However, you can make your vintage emerald-cut diamond ring shiny by choosing a halo setting.

There are different styles and settings available in vintage rings. So when choosing an option, considering your style, character, and lifestyle can help.

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