Tips To Get A Quality Diamond

Fragile Gemstone
Fragile Gemstone
Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds

When getting diamonds, it is important to check their quality to ensure that they carry a great value.  There are different quality parameters that can affect the value of diamonds. You have to consider them to determine the quality of your diamonds. The following are some of the important attributes that play a significant in determining your diamond’s quality.

The Cut

The most important parameter that can affect the beauty of diamonds is their cut. It should be accurate and proportional for a diamond to look symmetrical and exhibit good brilliance.

The cut of a diamond involves the arrangement of facets on the stones. These facets are responsible for reflecting and refracting the light entering the stone to the viewer’s eyes. Hence, they should be arranged properly for your stone to exhibit great brilliance and shine.

You can check the quality of the diamond cut on the grading reports from labs like the GIA. If the cut is graded “Excellent”, then the stone comes with better cut quality and it can showcase maximum brilliance and sparkle. But only round diamonds are given a cut grade by the GIA. No other diamond shapes come with this particular grade. Therefore, it can be difficult for you to determine the cut quality of other diamond shapes.

But there are four major parameters that can help with analyzing the cut quality of fancy diamond shapes. They are:

  • Length-to-width ratio: The optimal length-to-width ratio can vary between different diamond shapes. Hence, before choosing a diamond shape, make sure that you know the desirable ratio for that particular shape.
  • Line symmetry: The outline of the diamond should be the same on both sides when a line is drawn in the middle.
  • Smooth curves: Curved diamond shapes including ovals, hearts, and pears should have smooth curves without any harsh-looking flat spots.
  • Defined shape: The shape of the diamond should be clear and defined.

The Color

If the diamond has slight tints like yellow or brown, its value and quality can reduce. Diamonds that are perfectly colorless will be assigned the grade D, and based on the increase in color, the grade will move further. Diamonds with very noticeable tints are given the grade Z.

The Clarity

Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Diamonds with visible inclusions can have a lower value and quality when compared to flawless diamonds. So when getting these stones, inspect them closely to find out if there are any visible flaws.

In addition to these important factors, the carat weight of the stone, fluorescence, etc. can also impact the value of your diamond. So ask your jeweler about different attributes that are important in determining a diamond’s quality.

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